Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift for teacher June 2010 - Painted terra cotta pot

As the school year ends, we decide to give teachers gifts. When it comes to individual gifts, I try to do something along with the gifts I buy. This time for my daughter's school teachers (year school ends in June) I decided to paint the terracotta pots and give the gifts and pack it along with these. The Pot can be used to plant pots or to use inside class as (pencil/pen) holders.

I painted 5 pots, 2 big yellow ones are for the 2 main teachers and the 3 small ones are for the remaining teachers who have helped. The size was no intentional, I got the count wrong and had to get 3 smaller ones as  the big size was not available.

The 2 pots were painted yellow with purple on the top, did some designs on the. The other 3 were painted pink with gold color at the top rim. Did a design with a black pen.To finish it I glazed the plate with glitter glaze to give the finishing touch (its shine).

To fill inside these pots, you can buy small gifts and wrap them and personalize it the way you want them. I bought small gifts put inside them, wrapped them with a transparent sheet and tied a ribbon on the top.

For more information on Terra Cotta painting refer to my blog "First Terra Cotta pot painting" . Another craft was the terra cotta candle holder "Terra cotta candle holder".

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