Saturday, March 19, 2011

Proud of my Son - Won 4th in Yearbook contest

Proud of my Son - He has won 4th prize in YearBook Contest in his school.

Year Book contest is a contest conducted by my Son's school open to all students every year. They need to draw a page telling what their school is about and if they win it will be printed up in front page and 2nd, 3rd and 4th winner's page will be at the back page of their year book. I could not wait till year book comes out to share this exciting news. But I am eagerly waiting to see where exactly they will print his name in this year's YEARBOOK.

Definitely have to give him credit for this. As my effort was only in motivating him to participate this year again and getting him to focus to do a wonderful work. I'm glad I asked him to do it.

My Son has participated last year in two such events (yearbook contest and red ribbon week) which involved drawing and coloring and also this year in the language school (Tamil school) - (Pongal festival contest) which involved drawing and coloring.

I would like to just end- Participating is not new for him but WINNING is definitely NEW !

Details about his Drawing

At the top - They were supposed to write a caption representing who they are. He also put a gold trophy representing that "we are number 1".

At the center - He likes drawing people. So it was not too hard for him. He has come a long way from last year from simple to adding more details.

He designed a star and put a star in purple and added a face with eyes, nose and mouth and was particular he had glasses and smiling. Then he wrote S U P E R each letter on 5 sides of yellow star and above the purple wrote STAR (saying SUPER STAR).
Then he wanted to put all events of his school- pumpkin panic, reading club, running club , walkathon and science fair, so he drew the events around the star as it was difficult to put it inside the star. Then he drew 2 games - 2 square game and wall ball which kids play a lot during recess representing recces time too !! Added a computer lab too as he loves computer lab. Labeled every drawing representing them.

At the bottom - He loves colors so he wrote the school name and year in different colors. If you notice the "Stevens" in rainbow colors and "Creek" he used different colors which he did not use before. For "2010-2011" he said that it was GOLD (like the trophy on top)

Finally finished the page with some coloring as he did not want to keep the page white.