Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bookmark created by my Son

As April approaches you know I'm preparing for the goody bag as its my kids Birthdays. I started this bookmark project and we suddenly we had to move to a different house. So instead of stopping and not doing anything as I had to pack for our move, I decided to involve my Son into getting to do bookmark for his school friends.

Very simple to make it, buy the bookmark (plain red color) from Micheal's craft store. I had these beads stickers which I asked him to stick. Then for the center, we had bought some stickers during valentines day time, so we used those and pasted them in the center.

Punched a whole on the center top, and tied a blue ribbon was the only thing done by me. We left the behind blank so that his friends can personalize them the way they want to !!

My son is 6 years old and they keep reading a lot of books both from school and public library. Hence I decided to do this so that all the kids at that age are into reading and excited about reading or getting books from library both at school and public library.

My son loved doing this project even though we had to about 30 of them. I had fun watching him do this project with a very little guidance from me.

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Ceramic Business card holder

As you all know when I gift, I use my creativity and hard work which gives me intense pleasure and satisfaction when I do something personally for somebody. This project was done in March 2010 but gifted on April 5th 2010.

This gift which I've mentioned is very simple but got time to do this for my agent. She has indeed put in a lot of hard work in getting this house for us. So to really show our appreciation and her dedication I created this small gift - business card holder so that she can keep and use at her office.

I painted the main part with green sparkle paints and the front with orange sparkle paint. With black paint I wrote her name. At the back with black paints, wrote " Thank You". Underneath the holder,put my initials as usual.

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