Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paper Christmas Ornament

Decided to try out this ornament made by paper. It was a easy one, and made the kids also help me so we gifted the teachers this ornament for Christmas.

Directions : for making 1 ornament
1. Cut out 12 circles (I used a circle punch) from Christmas card stock.
2. Then fold each circle into half (the design is inside or on the top while folding the circle)
3. Glue each folded circle to each other until the last one.
4. Before you glue the last circle place or glue the string (I used thin ribbons which I had at home). I made the string  into a loop so we can hang it on the Tree.
5. Glue the last circle and complete the  ornament.

Its a very easy project and kids found it easy to do this. Since I used hot glue I helped them with that part as I did not want them to get hurt.

Fun project to do with the kids.

Little Pot painting

Idea was to decorate something and place in the shot glass cabinet (which was lying in our house for many many years).  Before I had placed whatever  the kids painted in this cabinet. They had done things from clay and painted small items from a ceramic craft store. There were in the cabinet as a decoration. Wanted a change and decided to try this out.

I decided to paint tiny terracotta pots and write little things on them. So I painted the terracotta pot's with metallic paints and the rim of the pot I painted with glitter (blue) paint. Then with a white marker I wrote  "Dream Hope and Believe" in the first row (top) of pots. Then in the second row of pots, I wrote "Live Love Laugh" and in the third row of pots, I wrote "Home sweet Home". A nice message which I always believe in , so decided to put them up in the pots. Then in the remaining empty spots I've placed tiny flowers as I did not want to crowd it up with many things.

Artwork by my daughter

 Till now I've been including my Son's work and never got a chance and now I don't want to miss the opportunity of putting her artwork in my Blog.

These were done when she was 4 1/2 years (a year back) but decided to add it in here. She loves to draw hearts and flowers when she was 4 and even now. She calls them designs and draws it. So I asked her to draw 2 for her room so we can hang it in her room.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Halloween Decorations 2012

Every Year we make decorations for the halloween and decorate the front of our house. This year we reused some of our previous Halloween decorations  (the skeleton made from spoons and forks and the ghost from milk can)  from previous years and added one new decoration a monster (made from recycled bottles and card box).

On the door we had bought glow in the dark halloween stickers and made the kids paste them on the door along with the skeleton mades from spoons and forks.

Here are the detailed steps on how to make the the skeleton and monsters.

Skeletons :-
1. Take 4 forks and 1 spoon.You will need icrecream sticks for sticking them together and pipe cleaners for the ribs.
2. On the spoon back side draw the face (eyes , nose and teeth of the skeleton) and on the draw lines on the handle part. On the fork draw lines on the handle and on the edges draw dots to make it like the bones of the hand. These can be done by kids. I made my kids draw on the forks and spoons.
2.  Cut the ice cream sticks into small sizes (as shown) and glue the spoon in the center of the sticks. Then stick 2 forks on top for the hands and 2 on the bottom as the legs. 
3. Using one pipe cleaner make the ribs and glue them at the back.
4. Now your skeleton is all ready.

Monster :- holding candies
1. You will need 6 bottles  (drinking water plastic bottles). I had started saving these bottles in the starting of the month. Then I used a milk can for the head of the monster. Also you can use a shoe box  or (I used the empty box of the ice cream box) for the body of the monster. Then a old shirt for the monster.
2. On the milk can my Son drew the face for the monster.
3. Then we glued the milk can to the ice cream box. Then we glued 2 bottles for the hands of the monster. Used 4 bottles for the legs so that the monster can stand sturdy. 
4. Attached a basket on top of the milk can so that we can place candies when we are out.
5. Dressed the monster with that shirt. 

All these were combined effort from my 2 kids and me. It was fun seeing them so excited about the monster they created. It is a fun project  and a nice holder for candies (when we had gone trick or treating).