Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paper Christmas Ornament

Decided to try out this ornament made by paper. It was a easy one, and made the kids also help me so we gifted the teachers this ornament for Christmas.

Directions : for making 1 ornament
1. Cut out 12 circles (I used a circle punch) from Christmas card stock.
2. Then fold each circle into half (the design is inside or on the top while folding the circle)
3. Glue each folded circle to each other until the last one.
4. Before you glue the last circle place or glue the string (I used thin ribbons which I had at home). I made the string  into a loop so we can hang it on the Tree.
5. Glue the last circle and complete the  ornament.

Its a very easy project and kids found it easy to do this. Since I used hot glue I helped them with that part as I did not want them to get hurt.

Fun project to do with the kids.

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