Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Pot painting

Idea was to decorate something and place in the shot glass cabinet (which was lying in our house for many many years).  Before I had placed whatever  the kids painted in this cabinet. They had done things from clay and painted small items from a ceramic craft store. There were in the cabinet as a decoration. Wanted a change and decided to try this out.

I decided to paint tiny terracotta pots and write little things on them. So I painted the terracotta pot's with metallic paints and the rim of the pot I painted with glitter (blue) paint. Then with a white marker I wrote  "Dream Hope and Believe" in the first row (top) of pots. Then in the second row of pots, I wrote "Live Love Laugh" and in the third row of pots, I wrote "Home sweet Home". A nice message which I always believe in , so decided to put them up in the pots. Then in the remaining empty spots I've placed tiny flowers as I did not want to crowd it up with many things.

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