Monday, April 27, 2009

Scratch design DIY kit

As you know by reading my posts that I'm very much interested in crafts. I created this DoIt Yourself Craft kit as one of the items in our this year goody bag for kids.

I ordered the scratch design frames (100 of them) from the web which comes from different shapes and sizes.

Created a kit where- each kid gets 4 frames to design ,a craft stick, instructions and a sample frame designed by me. Basically you can draw with the craft stick (cut at an angle and can be the tool to scratch or draw) and the black part comes out and your design shows up with rainbow colors. Decided to do this as one of the items because my son loves rainbow colors.

The picture included in this post are frames designed by me and given as a sample for the kids to get an idea on how to go about doing this craft. Seems or looks to be very simple but when we need to do 35 of them, what do you say ?

For me this craft and making this craft kit for kids was very exciting and new thing to try. So hoping the kids are going to love it the same way as I did.

For more information on the goody bag craft in detail refer to my blog post "A Goody Bag with butterfly and 3d gem stickers".

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Goody Bag with butterfly and 3d gem stickers

Its this time of the season called the birthday month in our house and I'm very busy with organizing my kids birthday parties. Like before, I wanted to do something creative for the goody bag and decided to decorate the goody bag itself. My daughter's first and my son's 4th birthday were celebrated in India and did not get to use my talent to personalize anything for the kids as we could not carry them due to baggage limit.

Since this is my daughter's first birthday celebration in US and she gets very fascinated with butterflies I used butterfly theme on this bag. As my son loves rainbow colors I decided to use different color 3d gem stickers in making this bag. I also bought a rainbow image name tag to write each kids name on the other gift. Also created a thank you sticker having the rainbow and butterfly image with my kids name on it.

The FOAM BAG : The Foam bag, butterflies (different designs and colors) and the 3d gem stickers were ordered from the web. Made a very small hole on the center of the foam bag and attached the butterfly (pinned) to the bag. Arranged the gem stickers around the butterflies to fill up the space. Simple as it seems but when i completed doing 46 goody bags (14 for my daughters day care kids and 32 for "the" birthday party kids), I had a big SMILE on my face. The satisfaction you get when you achieve something this small is GREAT !!

STICKERS/NAMETAG: Created a thank you sticker with rainbow image and butterflies image with my kids names on it from the software's available with me and pasted it at the back side of the bag and the other gift. Also bought a rainbow name tag to write each kids name and my son with joy helped me write all the kids name, helped me pack the other goody bag gift and pasted the stickers on them. He is 5 and proud to be the BIG BOY and helping me with all this. It was really fun to do this project with him.

thank you sticker designed by me.

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