Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Canvas Painting - For our Wall

To try out something different, I decided to try out my second canvas painting with acrylic paints. This is still new to me but worth the try. This project took several months to complete as I did little by little and finally completed last November.

I wanted to mix two colors on the canvas and divide the canvas, so painted the left hand side in BLUE color and RED on the right hand side. I wanted to put white flowers, but another friend gave me an idea to put colorful flowers instead of only white. I had stopped there and did not get time.

After several months, decided to continue this project and then in November when my Mom visited me decided to finish this project. So My Mom and me painted the different color flowers on the right. On the left (blue side) my Mom gave me an idea of putting small flowers instead of big ones and she gave me the idea of arranging the flowers as shown. To give its shine I put a glaze paint over the piece.

Very simple one but this is hanging in our family room and I'm definitely proud of this piece as I did this with my Mom - some memories to cherish.

Also wanted to add this is right now goes with our family room details of red carpet and blue curtains and the colorful flowers add more color to the room.