Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pranay won 3rd in Year book contest 2012

Proud again of my Son for winning 3rd prize in the year book contest. This year there is a 3 way tie for the 3rd place and its very exciting to hear and waiting to see how its going to come up in the year book.

Year Book contest is a contest conducted by my Son's school open to all students every year. They need to draw a page telling what their school is about and if they win 1st it will be printed up in front page and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th winner's page will be at the back page of their year book. But this time its only 1st , 2nd and 3rd (3 kids who won 3rd) !

Definitely have to give him credit for winning it again.

Details about his Drawing

At the top - He wrote the school name and the year (2011-2012) below the school name. He chose to write these in one color which is blue.

At the center - We had asked him to come up with something different from last time. So he came up with a theme from things he has seen or done. He came up with 10 things, since its difficult to put all the 10 items for the theme, we asked him to choose 5 best out of the 10 he had written down.
Here they are -
1. he had planted some plants in school, he got excited and drew a man watering some plants and trees and added the caption "Grow trees".
2. "No littering sign" he has seen in many places. He drew a park by adding slides, kids playing soccer and put that sign "no littering" in the park .
3. He had seen solar power/panel being added in some homes in the neighborhood so he added that by drawing homes and added "save energy" as the caption for that.
4. Then "save on gas" he has been hearing a lot. So from home he drew people either walking or biking to school and drew a school on the right hand side below.
5. "Helping the old" was the last idea in the center which he picked up from a book. He drew a boy helping an old man cross the street.
These 5 ideas basically describe his theme.

At the bottom - The main theme was written at the bottom which is "learning to make the world a better place".

Finally finished the page with some coloring as he did not want to keep the page white.

If you want to see last year's year book page he had won 4th here it is. Refer to "Proud of my son for winning 4th in YearBook".