Thursday, August 31, 2006

Introduction to Ceramic Painting

Brief Introduction
hmm where should I begin ..... I was working in a software company near Race street San Jose, CA. Close to my office was a place called Petroglyph (A ceramic painting shop) . This is how this shop works. You choose a piece and pay for the piece and the studio fee (where you can sit for hours and paint using their paint, brushes, designs). Then after we finish painting, we give them our piece and they finish our piece with baking and glazing and give it back to us. I was just attracted to this place and knew I need would give it a try,

First Tile Painting
I did this tile painting, simple border and flower because I was on the learning process. I traced this design and painted. The only mistake I did with this one is adding water and painting. But well, only by mistakes you will learn right ??

When you actually paint, the colors appear very differently to what the actual color will be. So choosing the colors initially was bit hard for me. After I complete my painting, I give them my piece for finishing and glazing. Then you can pick it up the day its ready for pickup.

Second Tile Painting
My twin sister was in town the year 2001 December. So I took her to this place and we spent the whole day doing this design.

This is indeed a nice memory for us. Till today we talk about this piece.

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