Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My First Cross Stitch Work

During our younger days, because of the complexity and time consuming process never tried cross stitch work. In my mind I assumed it was hardest of all projects. But when I was at home after marriage (had lot of time) wanted to try out new things, decided to give this one a try.

Got this book from a library where this design was done on a cloth and attached to a wooden tray and the top of the tray was finished with a glass. But since I did not have the materials to accomplish, I just tried out this design on a cross stitch cloth. When I was in India for a vacation in 2001, I got it laminated and decided not to do framing so that its different.

So this is my first cross stitch project, and completed it successfully. I think given the time I will try more of cross stitch if I come across anything appealing to me.

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