Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Needle work Embroidary

As I mentioned in my description, always tried needle work hand embroidary when I was young in school and also during our holidays. Over the years because of college studies, and work never got time to try out these crafts in many years. But guess what, time comes for everything they say..

In June 1999 got married and came to the US. Intially I was staying at home and so I had lot of spare time in my hand and wanted to do something creative. I had some embroidary threads from India , went to the santa clara library and picked some books which had good designs. This is one of them.

I had to learn only one stitch which is the trellis stitch -inside of the flower. But other than this stitch, I knew practically all the stitches and it was a matter of practice and it was done.

I also tried the framing on my own. I went to Aaron brothers and got the green frame, and a thick white board which they use for framing. So I put my yellow cloth on the white board, stretched the cloth so that there are no creases visible and taped it at the back. Then put the whole thing inside the frame sealed it. This piece is hung in our living room area. I should not forget to add, my husband did help me with the framing part. We both did this part of the project together even though its not a great deal.

Till today, everbody coming home looks at this and appreciates it.

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Sripriya said...

Cute needlework design. The color combination works really well. Best part is, you did all the work(including framing). Hats off :o)