Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terra Cotta Candle Holder

This is one kind of Terra Cotta plate candle holder which I painted (did 4 of them) for my son's school teachers. Painted inside of the pot Dark green and the rim Red (inside and outside of the plate). The outside was painted sandstone color and made green and red stripes and added a flower design.

On the inside I drew a Christmas tree with golden Terra Cotta marker, and wrote Merry Christmas and Happy New year. To add to the Christmas theme, I added glitter on the outside rim of the pot. To finish it I glazed the plate with glitter glaze to give the finishing touch (shine).

Another kind was Terra Cotta Pot candle holder (2 of them) for my daughter's day care teachers. Made a similar concept as my "First Terra Cotta pot painting", but added the glitter on the outside rim of the pot. Painted the inside of the pot RED. Finished the piece with glitter glaze.

For more information on Terra Cotta painting refer to my blog "First Terra Cotta pot painting" .


chitra akka said...

Super! Wonderful!
so glad to see your projects.. you rock:)

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chitra akka

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