Tuesday, December 16, 2008

canvas painting - wall Art

To add color to our living room I painted different colors on a canvas (which is already framed). Blocking the white areas with a tape, paint different colors on the bigger shapes as shown and once dried remove the tape. Then bodered the shapes with golden lines with a golden pen and drew spiral designs on each of them. Then on the white areas, made dots with different colors and with black paint made lines to get a design.

This project was actually a trial and error thing, but now this is hanging in our living room , liked and getting appreciated by all our friends who come by want to know,how I went about doing this one.


Kavitha said...

Hi Kavitha,

I'm Kavitha, Nagapriya's sister-in-law. Priya already told me about your art works. This one looks awesome & the idea is really great. I'm gonna try out something like this soon.

Thanks for the details!

Kavitha Mallik said...

Thanks kavitha, yep this canvas art many people are liking it,

Thanks for adding ur comments , it gives us encouragement from crafter's like you.

Waiting to see your glass painting pictures too !! Nagapriya told me about it and I keep forgetting to ask about the pictures.

send me an email at kavi_mallik@yahoo.com

-kavitha mallik.