Monday, August 09, 2010

My scribbles over years grew into design

I found this among my papers I had stored, and would like to say "THIS IS ME" !

From young I always scribbled designs on paper. It was small little ones, to now bigger ones like this. This is the only sample I have to show my ART like this, never store them, but you will always find them in my school books (while studying school and college) and office books (which I used to write notes of office stuffs). This grew into putting Mehendi when I was young (Henna designs) or Rangoli designs(I wished I had a sample of my Rangoli designs).

But today you think I'm different, I would say "No not at all". If you give me a paper and a pen this is what I will do. This is one of my methods of relaxation. Many who come home and seen this have really liked this and today I decided to put this on my blog. If you ask me to repeat the same I don't think I can do the same design, they will be similar but not the same.

I see some kids doing where I started, and some kids doing other things (like origami or lovely painting, or even kids who are interested in sports...or solving difficult puzzles) and my advice to all those Parents, encourage them, as they grow. For me its a good feeling when somebody appreciates your art (whatever it is) , it keeps you going in LIFE with all the ups and downs you have in your journey life. This is how I started and THIS IS ME !!

I know my designs, arts and crafts and my Blog inspire a lot and my only wish it inspires more and more as years come by.

I would like to Pause and say "Thank you" for encouraging me , appreciating my BLOG and commenting on my projects which keeps me going and going and going !!

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Anonymous said...

This is what beautiful art looks like, be very proud of this and many more to come.