Monday, August 09, 2010

Unique gift card holder which can fold and expand

This Gift Card holder is Unique in its design , it can be folded and can be expanded. When expanded it shows the gift card and all the kids names. This was created for my Son's tamil (language) teacher for the year 2009-2010.

In a long strip of paper first make sure your gift card fits. In the remaining space fold the paper to that many number of kids in the class. Since this class had only 9 students, it was easy to use this method. So in each fold write one kid name in different colors.

On the left hand side wrote the teachers name. On top I wrote "From all of us" and at the bottom after the kids names in the middle, I added "and Parents".

On the 2 ends, I punched a hole and added the 2 ribbons to tie the 2 ends after folding the card. So this card can be folded. Placed it inside a pouch so that its easy for the teacher to carry.

Everybody really liked the idea because all the kids names could fit inside one card.

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