Monday, November 29, 2010

May flower basket

One of my son's homework was to do a May flower basket and drop it off at the neighbor's house. Since I have a three year old also, we did a total of 3 baskets, one made by my Son, one made by my daughter (only the bead sticking part) and one by me just to show the kids how to do it.

Take a white paper and fold in in a cone shaped. Fold the bottom and stick it with a tape (middle and right one as shown on the photo), or leave it in tapered form. (left most one). Then with pipe cleaner make the handle as shown. Since pipe cleaners are easyto bend and fold, we used this to make the handle.

To decorate the basket we used bead stickers. It was easy to stick and make any design by kids. For my other projects with bead stickers refer to the project "Goody bag with 3d gem stickers", and "bookmark created by my Son".

Filled it with our garden flowers and handed one of them to our neighbor.

It was fun easy and kids loved doing activities with Moms !!

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