Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving decoration year 2010

Got this idea from my Son's school last year , where they asked each kid to decorate one feather and the teacher had done a wonderful job of putting all the feathers with one big turkey body on the door.

We decided to do a similar one where the blue feather was done by my Son, the purple feather was done by my daughter and the rest of the 3 feathers were done by everybody including my husband, and my parents.

The supplies include "craft paper of different colors, bead stickers which I usually use for other projects, feathers from last years idea and leaf stickers ". All we did is cut out the feather shape from different color papers. Draw an outline and then stick bead stickers. In the middle, stick feathers and leaf stickers. The body of turkey was drawn by me in brown paper and cut out , but my son helped me with the eyes and the nose.

It was a fun family project and we all loved it when it was hanging at our door. For more information on last year project refer to blog "Thanksgiving game and activity ".


Shyvee said...

Wonderful effort, Kavitha!! Lovely that the kids got involved and were so enthusiastic too:)

Kavitha Mallik said...

yep this year i can involve more pallavi into such things, so its much easier, otherwise I wait for mallik to come, then do it with pranay while he watches Pallavi..etc, that needed 2 people effort. This is me I can do it with both of them at my own pace.