Friday, February 11, 2011

Bookmark - For sharing

Bookmary By My Son :- January of 2011, My Son had a project which he needed to make or share something with everybody in his class . He decided to give out bookmarks made by him.  Since he has started using computer, wanted him to practice some of his computer skills here. !

Very simple to make it, buy the bookmark (plain red color) from Micheal's craft store.  Using a computer software he created stickers and I printed them out on a sticker sheet. So all he had to do is cut out the stickers and paste them accordingly as shown in the picture. This was a very nice project.  We chose "Super Reader" sticker at the top, a star sticker for the center and smiley sticker at the bottom. He also wanted a small sticker "bookmark" to indicate its a bookmark.

Embroidery bookmark by me :- One in the center bookmark was made by me for his Teacher.
Since he was giving out to his class, I decided to do the embroidery bookmark for his Teacher. This was chosen from my previous designs so it not too tough. Pre-pricked the embroidery design with a special piercing tool and pricking pad. Completed the embroidery and came up with my own ideas to finish it off with a heart embroidery on the top, and glued a flower in the middle.

It was a nice project again to do with my Son and one for myself for his Teacher.

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