Friday, February 11, 2011

Terra Cot Pot Painted - Birthday Gift for my Son's Teacher

The was a Terracotta Pot Painted by me for my Son's 1st grade Teacher for her birthday. We had purchased a gift for her to place inside this pot and wrapped it up. My Son also made a greeting card for his Teacher.
The Terracotta pot was painted Dark Purple. 

Then painted small squares (each square is painted different color) to have a letter of her name.  Outlined the squares with white paint. Then painted some flowers on the top of the squares and bottom of the squares and some celebration lines with different colors to finish off in the middle and on the empty space. The rim of the pot was painted with Golden metallic paint. Wrote her "name" and said "class" in white paint. Lastly gave the pot its shine by painting a glaze paint. The inside of the pot was also painted dark purple and a glaze paint to give the pot its shine.

Hoping his teacher will like this pot and will be used well inside Class.

Refer to some of my Terracotta projects for detailed descriptions. 

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