Monday, November 29, 2010

Halloween Oct 2010 Decorations

This year's halloween decorations was very similar to last years but skipped a lot due to time limit. Usual tradition of pumpkin carving was skipped this year too. But instead, we decorated small pumpkins with foam stickers and placed it at the entrance. You will see pictures of them below. Lets say it was very simple project done by my kids.

Let me walk you through with all the things the kids did.

 Pumpkin Wreath :- The kids did many pumpkins using dot-art pens on paper and my son gave directions on how to draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Then we taped to a pipe cleaner in a circle form and hung it on the door.
Ghosts-  I'm not into drawing ghosts. So my Son took in charge and draw ghosts and cut them out. The least help I did helped him hang it on the door.
Halloween glow stickers :- We received a 3 pack Halloween glow stickers which we pasted them on the door.

Pumpkin decorations :-

Pumpkins were decorated with foam stickers one by my daughter and the other one by my Son.  They were foam stickers to decorate pumpkins. Since we got this as a gift along with the 3 glow stickers, we decided to decorate the pumpkin with the foam stickers. The set had 3 different kinds of stickers. My daughter chose the one with green eyes and purple nose and yellow mouth. My son wanted to do the black one. It was a very easy project for a 6 year old but a good one for my 3 year old daughter.

This was a very simple project but my kids enjoyed doing such projects with me. This time their grandparents also loved seeing the grandchildren doing such projects.

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