Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Creation

I wanted to make an ARTWORK where I can bring out my creativity. This piece of artwork is very simple. I always wanted to do something with my scribbles and designs and this is just one of it.

If you see the background is black in color, and did a design with white pen. I did not want to do a very detail design, as it will not be visible from far. To bring out its beauty I added few colors surrounding the main/center design, and added colors to the flowers (you see surrounding outside). Did not want to put too much color where the main design gets hidden but a touch of colors here and there. Basically the 7 colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple and Pink).

The design is a combination of Mehendi/Henna design and adding color by cutting the black part and put a color paper below to bring out the colors to the front.

This frame I already had was black , just added an inside mat (french white) to add more depth to my design.

Not to forget mentioning - My family who helped me with this artwork. My son whom I can depend on to choose the colors (we tried out different combination's of colors before we chose this one) and my husband who wanted the inside mat for giving depth and for helping us hang this picture in our family room. My daughter who appreciates all my work all the time always with a smile.

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Anonymous said...

I really loved this one.. Aadhitya still talks about this one and wants to make one too.. Awesome work!!

Shru said...

Awesome work once again :) Hope i learn something from you atleast now ;) :P

Asusual the credit goes to all you four for such a wonderful creation :)


Savitha Seshadri said...


Seeing this piece from the initial works to the completed piece - its awesome. I think I saw the clarity, the beaut at every stage setting in. Turned out good.