Saturday, October 08, 2011

Summer Crafts - ceramic crafts and clay projects

During Summer the kids got to spend time doing doing crafts apart as their indoor activity and little bit of watching TV. I got to spend lot of time with them doing clay projects (Terra Cotta and regular colorful clays) and taking them to Color me Mine a studio for painting ceramic items. Apart from outing, they did lots and lots of coloring and drawing on paper, which they always loved to do. This blog mentions about the ceramic project and clay project.

Color me mine Activity- As you know I'm a big fan of ceramic paintings and done a lot of them. I also have taken my Son many times for him to paint. I started this year with my Daughter and got her introduced.
My Daughter - Its her first experience this year. She started with her 1st one with painting a cup pink and purple inside. The second one she did was a fish with orange and black.

My Son - This was his 5th project and he chose the ship/boat. He was very comfortable doing this one as he has done it multiple times.
They also did small items like the cupcakes and a candy by my Son and a cupcake and Hippo by my daughter. So they just loved doing all of it.

Clay Projects Kids got to try different types of clay -terra cotta, regular kids play dough and also a sculpy clay which you can mold and bake in the end.

Sculpy Clay The sculpy was fun for them to try out play with them. In the end we took few of them baked it in the oven as per the instructions and they saw the clay could harden and they were amazed to see the texture before and after baking.
Terra cotta Clay Kids loved the mud like effect of the clay. My son did a football, I did a basket and my daughter did a birds nest with eggs inside. They just loved doing.

Other activities was canvas painting, drawing and coloring, playing with the soft toys and playing with their tent inside.

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