Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ceramic Mug Painting

Hurray to this piece as it got me back into exploring my creative talents after 3 years of break for various reason – work , home kid, huzzy buzzy life style .

Well when I am getting back I still wanted to try out something new in Ceramic Painting - Etching and Sponging.

Etching : if you notice the red and green area in the mugs, you can see a design which has been etched. Initially paint the color yellow (2 times) as the base coat, and painted red or green respectively (2 times) on top of the yellow area. After the paint has dried, draw the desired design and etch the design (by scraping out the paint very finely so that yellow paint below the red/green area is visible). Be careful only to remove the red/green paint and not the yellow paint from the design.

Sponging : Alternating to the red and green , a new technique was tried out scalled sponging - Using a sponge you wet the sponge with yellow paint and keep pressing little by little on the mug. On top of the yellow paint (on the sponging area), you wet the sponge with brown color and did the sponging again. Sponging should be done only once.

For more info on my ceramic painting refer to this link on "Introduction to ceramic painting" post.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! All of them look great.

I have a suggestion. Since you do tile painting, you may want to do the same magic on "switch plates". If you can get hold of plain ceramic switch plates, you can do your paiting on it. It looks great. Sreela and I will buy it from you.

Keep going ...