Saturday, June 01, 2013

Gift Card Holder - My own creation.

My own creation of a unique gift card holder which holds about 10 to 14 gift cards.

We all carry lot of gift cards and our purses bulge up and become heavy. If we leave it at home then we forget to take it to the stores at the right time. So I decided to create/ design this one for myself which has been very useful and you can keep it in the car and take the gift card before entering the store. I have also gifted to teachers, sister and now in the process of making for my friends. Now your purse is lighter and also I don't forget to take any gift cards as its available in my car. Just need to remember to take the right car :-)

This is very simple to make. I had bought an accordion album which I never used , so I decided to use it for this project. I glued one side so its like a 4 pages book (excluding the front cover and back cover).  Covered the album (which was plain with a design paper). As you see the left photo shows (the first 2 pages which hold 4 gift card holders where you can put one gift card per holder a total of 4 gift cards). The right photo (shows the next 2 pages where the left side has 2 gift card holders which stores one gift card per holder and the right page has 2 gift card holders which can hold up to 4 gift cards each a total of 10 gift cards).

The gift card holders are made out of vellum paper which is easy for you to see the gift cards so you don't have to search for the gift card. I designed this template keeping in mind that all the major gift cards from every store I had fits into the individual gift card holder. Also the multi gift card holder holds up to 4 gift cards.

This was a fun new craft project to try out. Please leave your comments and help me improve if need to. Other photos included for you to view in detail.
 Back cover

Front cover

 This gift card holder was done in 2012 May.

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