Saturday, June 01, 2013

Christmas Tree from Paper Back made from scholastic book order pages.

I was volunteering in my Son's class, and one of the work was to assign all the scholastic book order pages for each kid. The were many pages left  in the book after assigning the orders for the class, instead of recycling those pages/books , decided to do this tree and gave it to my Son's teacher to keep it in class.

Its very simple, I have done this project before for my home and you can visit  this site for detailed instructions "A Christmas Tree from paper back" . This project turned out to be even better than my previous ones as there were many pages to the book. The more the no of pages, the better the tree comes out.

After this tree was done, I just hot glued some maple tree in green and golden which I had bought from the craft store just to give it shine. Then with a toothpick I glued the maple tree in golden and green on the top of the tree. I also glued white/silver ribbon around the tree. But other suggestions would be is to spray paint the tree silver and then accessorize with little ornaments. I have a problem with those paints, decided to do without the paint.

The teachers loved this tree and I heard that the other teachers visiting my Son's class also loved this tree.

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