Monday, May 09, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week 2011

Its again this time of the year where we appreciate our kids teachers for all their effort. This time I wanted to bring it out from the kids with very little help of mine. Since my daughter has started going to school, both my kids have done for their teachers.

My Daughter's Work :
We did 5 things giving her 1 per day. I kept it very simple ,and wanted her to color and draw.
1) drawing1 and drawing2 - very simple, wrote Thank you , she colored it, and I did the border with different colors. Idea is from my daughter, she in a blank paper keeps coloring different colors (think lines), so thought of using her idea and coloring different colors around for border. Her idea but I did the coloring as it was a lot for her to do.

2) drawing 3 - When I asked her to draw something for teacher, she drew 4 balloons. So instead of 4 I asked her to draw 7 for each letter in (T E A C H E R). Then came up with some describing words for each letter. [T-alented, E-nergetic, A-ctive, C-aring, H-elpful, E-xtraordinary and R-esponsible.]

3) drawing 4 - Asked her to draw an apple and color it (helped her with drawing of apple) but coloring is her work. I wrote the happy teachers appreciation week in pencil and she wrote on top of it with a black pen.

4) The last gift was a 8X10 photo of her class doing a silly pose. It was very cute and I thought they bought out the best in them, this can be a good memory for them to keep.
Just to add "She enjoyed doing all of it", and that's what makes me HAPPY !

My Son's Work :
It was from May 9th - May 13th and we again did 5 things 1 for each day. He wanted to very similar to his sisters but a little different.
1) Drawing1 - very simple, wrote Thank you , He drew and colored it, and He did the border with different colors. Idea is from my daughter,but he liked it and wanted to do it exactly similar.

2) Writing1 - We got this poem from the web and thought it was very appropriate for his teacher. I wanted to give each letter (describing her) each day to make her special, but my Son had forgotten to give her the first 3 days. So we just gave this sheet on the third day.

3) Drawing 2 - When I asked my Son to draw something for his teacher, he drew kids , and he drew 20 of them to represent all the kids in his class and he wrote " You are the best". This was totally his idea.

4) Drawing 3 - He also drew a Robot and wanted to give it to his teacher, so I asked him to write "From Pranay" And thank you on it. He loves Robots and wants to be a Robot, so why not represent this drawing to be him ? It was his idea of drawing this Robot but my idea of "representing my son as Robot".

5) The last gift was a 8X10 photo of his class all of them dressed up as 101 dalmatians. It was very cute and I thought She bought out the best in them, this can be a good memory for her to keep.

It makes me happy when I make the kids do it for their teachers. This is very little effort we put for all the efforts the teachers put throughout the year.

For my other appreciation crafts done by kids refer to the post "Teachers Appreciation 2010"


Shru said...

Wow These really look good n cute too :) Really proud of Pranay n Pallavi :) Keep up the good work kids and make your parents proud and happy in every possible way :)

Hope to see many more from them in the comin future :)

Loads of love to Pranay n pallavi :)

Raghu Athimber n Shruti akka :)

Shyvee said...

Beautiful work, Kavitha! Kudos to you and the kids. Keep it coming :)