Thursday, February 04, 2010

Teachers appreciation gifts - year 2010

A Terracotta Painted pot and A Book mark by Me.
A drawing and a thank you note puzzle by my Son for his teacher.

Teachers appreciation week in my Son's school is celebrated from Feb 1st to Feb 5th 2010. The Theme is winter olympics and tagline was "our gold Medal educators". Every day we need to take specified items (assigned by PTO) to the teachers. Details given below for each craft/project work completed by Son and me.

Day 1 - Fresh cut RED, White or Blue flower to support our USA olympic team.
My project :- When we think of olympics we first think of the opening ceremony to light the olympic torch. Hence I used a similar idea of to start the appreciation week with a "TORCH". The pot was painted, decorated with "RED" and white flowers and on the middle placed the white candle to represent it like a TORCH.
My pot colors were Red at the bottom, white in the middle and blue on the top of the pot. At the rim I painted it dark yellow to represent "GOLD". I added few dots, stars and spiral design to fill the pot with gold and black pen. On the white part I added this quote "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others", Added a "Thank you" in the front on the red colored area. Finally glazed the pot to give its shine.

Day 2 - Classroom Supply. Whatever is the supply we need to pack the supply in either red/blue or white wrapping paper.
My Son's Project :- Made my son draw something for the teacher to show his way of appreciating the teacher. Taught him the Olympic symbol, the significance of the torch and few sports. So he decided to draw a man skiing and snowboarding for representing "sports" and snowman, a Christmas tree to represent "winter". He also drew the Olympic symbol along with 2 medals and wrote the letter "T E A C H E R" and wrote a Thank you at the bottom of the page.

Day 3 - Gold medal/Ribbon note : written note from the student to the teacher thanking or praising them for an accomplishment or nice gesture.
My son's Project :- One day as he was working on puzzles, he took one puzzle with 12 pieces and drew/traced it on paper and gave a color to each puzzle pieces. We thought this was his creation and will use this to write a thank you note for his teacher. I asked him to write on small white stickers "the thank you note wordings" for each puzzle and made him paste it on each of the puzzle pieces. Over all its the thank you message broken down into 12 pieces. Due to the time limitations for the teacher, we are not going to cut the puzzle but just give that sheet as a thank you note inside a envelope.

Day 4 - A New, grade level appropriate, book or game for the classroom.
Bookmark project :- Since we were donating a book to classroom I wanted to have the teacher have something for memory. Crafted this bookmark for her memory.
Take a red book mark card card stock. I used a concept of "Paper embroidery (oval design and flowers outside as borders) and quilling to make the flower (inside the oval design) on the book mark. Then to fill the gap I added a small ribbon on the top and added 2 flowers (bought from a craft store) at the top and the bottom. Its in a form of sticker. Stick another red card stock at the back of the bookmark to make it look clean and to write a note for the teacher.
For detailed information of this project refer to "Bookmark - Quilling and paper embroidery"

Day 5 - Come dress in Red, white or blue to honor the teachers.
this was simple and nothing extra done but dress my boy and send him to class.

This whole project done this week gave me a sense of satisfaction and happiness when I can make something personally for the teacher to appreciate her work.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. You did make the Teacher's appreciation week very special.
- Priya