Sunday, November 08, 2009

Halloween crafts and decorations 2009

Usually we have the tradition of pumpkin carving and because of time limitations we had to skip it. But it does not feel Halloween for the kids if you don't do anything. So this year we (my son and I) decided to do the decorations and hang it outside instead of buying the decorations from the store. It was indeed a nice project for both of us. We could sit and complete this in 2 days.

I will walk you through the list of items created.

From the door:- we can see few things. A Happy Halloween writing, a pumpkin wreath, a bat and ghost cutouts. Clear picture is given below.
Happy Halloween writing:- We wrote a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" on a long paper and painted it using "glow in the dark" paint (orange color) and my son colored the rest with black crayon. We did 3 of them (One for the door) on on the sideway (done by my son) and one on the front gate.
Pumpkin Wreath :- Mommy did many pumpkin using dot-art pens on paper and my son gave directions on how to draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Then we taped to a pipe cleaner in a circle form and hung it on the door.
Bat and Ghost cutouts :- From the web (activity for kids website) got a picture of bat and ghosts. So I asked him to cut out bat on black paper and ghosts on white paper. For the ghosts, he drew the eyes and mouth and wrote BOO. For the bat we put eyes with white glow in the dark paint.

On the sides :- we just hung the "happy Halloween writing" or only the bat and ghost cutouts. We did the same on sides visible near the door and near the postbox area.

On the bottom:- near the door and step (see the top picture) we can see a white ghost (4 of them). This one we used a milk can painted the front"white" (glow in the dark paint) and my son got to do one can fully. He drew eyes and the mouth with black marker on all of them. Then I cut the back little bit to stuff the white kitchen tissue roll so that can will look more white. To cover the lid just used a white kitchen tissue and taped it at the back.

Overall the project came out well and we just loved it. The only draw back was the glow in the dark paints did not glow as much as I expected it to !!.

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Diane said...

I love all the creativity here... this is great! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.