Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peel & Stick Foam Mosaic Art

This Art project is called "Peel and Stick" by number - theme is spring flowers.

Knowing my work I like to try different crafts and decided to choose this one to try out with my Son (its for ages 5+) and we just loved doing this together.

On the top left was done by me. The other two (flower in a pot) and (3 flowers with stem) were done by my Son (5 1/2 year old). My Kid loved it as much as I did !!

As the name suggests "Mosaic Art" is basically lot of small pieces of any kind (glass or ceramic or foam) put together to form a design. So chose the foam material which is safe for kids to do.

The foam pieces come in different sheets in sticker form. We have to make the picture come alive by creating beautiful mosaic scenes by placing the sticky foam squares on the numbered scene boards.

Instructions from the box is as follows.
1) Choose one of the 3 scene boards to work on first.
2) Pick a colored foam sheet you want to work with first and look at the legend on the box to find the matching number.
3) Peel off a 1/4" foam square from the foam sheet and place it over the number on the scene board and press it down with your finger. Continue to place the colored foam squares on all the numbers for the color you are working on.
4) Continue to place the other colors on the scene board just as you did for the first color.
5) For outer boundary areas only a few numbers are given for a whole section. Fill the area with colored squares of that color.
6) Congratulations ! now your piece is ready to be framed !!

Bought the frame from IKEA store (colored frames) and framed it and the 2 pieces are hanging in our living room and one in my Son's bedroom.

I consider this as "good motor skill development activity" for kids to work on.

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