Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paper Clay Magnets - new project

This is entirely a new project for experimentation with paper clay. This project I've made is to create custom magnets. Refered a book from library for the procedure ( Micheals book- arts and crafts with paper).

Purchased the paper clay from a craft store, mold the clay following the directions given in the pacakge. Using a clay cutter, cut out different shapes (I had a star clay cutter and a round clay cutter. I decided to use these 2 designs.).

Then you smooth the individual pieces, remove any rough edges with just by wetting your hand with water. Take care not to wet the pieces too much. Then allow it to dry overnight or may be 2 days. Then paint the pieces individually. Finish off by glazing it for the shine (the photo with glazed effect is not attached for clarity purposes).

Then you buy magnets which you get in any craft store, and you can stick at the back of these pieces and use them as custom made magenets.

They suggested this as a gift for any kids, with their name, which they can use to hang things on the regrigirator.

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