Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Watermelon Basket

I had volunteered to bring watermelons to my Son's school for the teachers lunch (during teachers appreciation week). So I tried out a new way to take the watermelons in a watermelon basket.

This was my first attempt to craft a basket out of the watermelon and scoop out the water melons into balls and place them inside the basket. For the handle part, peel out the skin, I cut out some carrots and watermelon balls into a toothpick and inserted the toothpick into the handle so the handle is not plain.

There are lot of information on carving  which you can refer on the internet to carve a basket (watermelon).

I'm very happy my Son's teacher very much liked the idea how it was presented and  I'm thrilled to try out something new after a very long time.


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