Thursday, December 17, 2009

Glass painted candle holder and basket decoration

Initiated this project with the interest of expanding my knowledge in glass painting. This was my long time craft which I could not try out as I have small kids as the glass paint is not safe to be used when they were at home.

Since my kids have started going to school, decided to try out and make something useful for my daughter's day care teachers, 2009 christmas gifts. Made 3 of of them. Also to the right you will see a basket. The work was also done by me. Details are given below.

Glass Candle holder :- Clean the surface with a nice soft cloth. Traced the design on a paper and kept it inside the glass holder such that the design faces out. With a gold out liner (delta brand air dry permEnamel Accent Liner for glass,ceramic and tile) outlined the design shown. Then waited 24 hours for this to dry. Then painted the red flowers and green leaves with glass paints. The glass paints I used was bought from India. We need to paint the red and green such that it does not come out of the lining. This was a very tough project as the glass candle holder is a curvy object and we need to hold it in place such that each petal or leaf I painted sets before I keep the holder down, otherwise the paint will run out.

Basket decoration :- I wanted to package this candle holder,the red bookmark (shown above) , a greeting card and another gift inside this basket. This basket was bought from a craft store. It was very plain basket with the Christmas ribbon attached to it. I gave its shine by painting with gold metallic paint and then with white paint I put thick white dots to look simple and yet elegant. Packaged the whole thing like a basket gift. They just loved it.

Red Bookmark :- Due to the time limitations I could not do a detailed design for the bookmark. But just wrote happy 2010 in a dotted format. Came out pretty cool.

The teachers loved the gifts and especially when they came to know that I had done the whole thing and packaged it like a gift basket to them.


Anonymous said...

The glass painting looks good. SO, what was the third gift that you filled the basket with? :-)
- Priya

Kavitha Mallik said...

thanks Priya, your comments are encouraging for me. The other gift I filled I will let you know in person but ask me next time otherwise I will forget :-))